Carrie Ellis-Berg has provided thoughtfully narrated books that not only help validate children’s feelings but also teaches them how to adapt in their new family. Drawn from first-hand experience and wonderfully written from the perspective of the family dogs, each story explores different dynamics and provides fun activities for children to engage in along the way. The Bell Series books are a must read for anyone wanting to learn more about the challenges involved in blending families.
— Corinne Foote, Founder & Publisher of Stepparent Magazine
Finally a children’s book that takes a gentle and thoughtful exploration into blended families. A great book for teachers and counselors to use with children.
— Susan M. Kuczura, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist
Ellis-Berg explores the complex emotions of the blended family in a thought provoking way. Counselors, teachers, and parents will find the conversation starters they need to facilitate healthy conversations to help children talk about
and come to understand their new family.
— Dr. Mark Loiterman, M.Ed., Ph.D.